A.C.S. Companies, Inc. I Complaint: False statements or representation

#1418631 12 Jun 2015

Debt collection Other (i.e. phone, health club, etc.)

Complaint #1418631 submitted on 06/12/2015 relating to A.C.S. Companies, Inc. I. Complaint relates to Debt collection Other (i.e. phone, health club, etc.) - False statements or representation Attempted to collect wrong amount.

Complaint was submitted via Web and sent to the company on Tuesday 30th June 2015.

Narrative (may be redacted).

I wrote a check for {$9.00} to have my fingerprints taken in XX/XX/XXXX/XX/XX/XXXX. Before the company ( XXXX XXXX XXXX ) presented the check for cashing ( nearly XXXX months later ), I closed the bank account and switched banks. I did not close the account to avoid paying the check. However, when I closed the account, I did not realize the check had not cleared. I received a phone call in XX/XX/XXXX from XXXX at XXXX XXXX saying that I owed {$39.00} for a returned check ( {$9.00} for the check, {$30.00} NSF fee ). I told her I had no problem paying, but would not do so until I received something in writing verifying she was who she said she was. I advised her that the address on the check, although belonged to my parents, was not my address anymore and gave her my correct address. I did not receive anything in the mail until XX/XX/XXXX when I received a letter from Check Alert dated XX/XX/XXXX saying I had XXXX days to pay or the account would be turned over to a law firm. The letter was addressed to an address that does not exist and therefore not my address ( and certainly not the address on the check ). On XXXX XXXX, I received a letter from The XXXX saying I now owed a balance of {$370.00}. This letter was also addressed to the address that does not exist. I called the firm the following day, XXXX XXXX, and spoke with XXXX and explained what happened and she said they would work with me and she would have her supervisor contact me in a few hours when she got in the office. About XXXX hours later, since I had not heard anything, I called back and got in touch with XXXX, the supervisor. XXXX was incredibly rude. I explained what happened and told her that I was willing to pay what I believed I owed ( {$39.00} ). She told me they are not willing to work with me, other than establishing a payment plan to pay off the {$370.00}. Neither XXXX nor XXXX are attorneys and I was told I am not allowed to speak with XXXX XXXX, who is presumably the attorney of XXXX. I believe both companies intentionally sent the notices to the wrong address in an attempt to collect more money. This is evidenced by the fact that when I had my fingerprints taken, I completed a form that contained my address, the check I wrote contained my address, and they scanned a copy of my driver 's license. Additionally, as mentioned above, I informed XXXX that the address on the check was incorrect and I gave her the correct address. Further, XXXX is violating the laws of the state of Texas as it does not hold a surety bond as required by Tex. Fin. Code 392.101. The firm is considered a debt collector under XXXX ( 7 ) because they have nonattorney employees who regularly engage to solict debt for collections and regularly make contact with debtors for the purpose of collection of such debts and represents itself as a debt collector. I have even offered to pay a small amount over the original {$39.00} because of the inconvenience. The firm is still not willing to work with me.

Company A.C.S. Companies, Inc. I
Complaint ID 1418631
Date Received 06/12/2015
Product Debt collection Other (i.e. phone, health club, etc.)
Issue False statements or representation Attempted to collect wrong amount
State/ZIP Code TX 773XX
Consumer Consent Consent provided
Company Public Response Company believes it acted appropriately as authorized by contract or law
Company Response To Customer Closed with explanation
Submitted Web 06/30/2015
Result Timely Response: Yes, Consumer Disputed: No

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