Specialized Loan Servicing LLC Complaint: Loan servicing, payments, escrow account

#1696046 14 Dec 2015

Mortgage Conventional fixed mortgage

Complaint #1696046 submitted on 12/14/2015 relating to Specialized Loan Servicing LLC. Complaint relates to Mortgage Conventional fixed mortgage - Loan servicing, payments, escrow account .

Complaint was submitted via Web and sent to the company on Wednesday 16th December 2015.

Narrative (may be redacted).

I requested pursuant to our CFPB Regulation Z, 12 CFR 1026.39, Mortgage transfer disclosures information on my loan.The mortgage servicer Specialized Loan Servicing is not providing the name of the new investor for the loan.
I also request the date the mortgage and note was transferred or placed into the Trust XXXX as Trustee Relating to the XXXX XXXX XXXX XXXX Mortgage Backed Certificates, XXXX XXXX pursuant to CFR 1024.38 ( b ) ( i ) ( ii ) ( iii ) ( iv ) ( v ), Specialized Loan Servicing is not providing this requested information.

Company Specialized Loan Servicing LLC
Complaint ID 1696046
Date Received 12/14/2015
Product Mortgage Conventional fixed mortgage
Issue Loan servicing, payments, escrow account
State/ZIP Code NY 103XX
Consumer Consent Consent provided
Company Public Response Company chooses not to provide a public response
Company Response To Customer Closed with explanation
Submitted Web 12/16/2015
Result Timely Response: Yes, Consumer Disputed: No

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