Ability Recovery Services, LLC Complaint: Communication tactics

#1607646 15 Oct 2015

Debt collection I do not know

Complaint #1607646 submitted on 10/15/2015 relating to Ability Recovery Services, LLC. Complaint relates to Debt collection I do not know - Communication tactics Called after sent written cease of comm.

Complaint was submitted via Web and sent to the company on Thursday 15th October 2015.

Narrative (may be redacted).

When requested validation of debt a rep by the name of XXXX XXXX screamed at the top of her lungs and told me to pay my bills after calling me XXXX I requested twice for debt to be validated still no response requested this within 30 days allowed. This company placed on my credit report without validating debt with me and also I stated I do not deal with third party collectors. They have still harassed me to the point I had to block their number. And mail a letter stating that if they continued to contact me I would file a complaint and or seek legal counsel. I do not owe this debt I advised original creditor to validate the debt and they refused to validate debt in writing.

Company Ability Recovery Services, LLC
Complaint ID 1607646
Date Received 10/15/2015
Product Debt collection I do not know
Issue Communication tactics Called after sent written cease of comm
State/ZIP Code TN 379XX
Consumer Consent Consent provided
Company Public Response
Company Response To Customer Closed with explanation
Submitted Web 10/15/2015
Result Timely Response: Yes, Consumer Disputed: Yes

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