Continental Finance Company, LLC Complaint: Bankruptcy

#1647260 9 Nov 2015

Credit card

Complaint #1647260 submitted on 11/09/2015 relating to Continental Finance Company, LLC. Complaint relates to Credit card - Bankruptcy .

Complaint was submitted via Web and sent to the company on Monday 9th November 2015.

Narrative (may be redacted).

In XXXX 2015 I filed chapter XXXX bankruptcy due to medical issues and overwhelming medical bills. Contental finace was included in my chapter XXXX, They have refused to listen that I am in bankruptcy and continue to add illegal fees. I have been harrassed non stop by collection agencys for them who all refuse to even take down my bankruptcy case number or attorney information. On XXXX/XXXX/2015 as i was waiting to go into surgery, at about XXXX MT, I recieved a call from XXXX claiming to be attorneys hired by contential finance as I am in breach of contract. As teh person i spoke with was in no was fammiliar with the laws in regards to bankruptcy and again REFUSED to take my case number or attorneys name. I called him out on not really being an attorney. They became Irrate and refused to even listen to the my rights or the laws. Refusing to take down the information does not make contential finance immune from the automatic stay and does not entitle them to keep trying to collect and add fees that are not legal. they need to stop these clear violations of my rights asap.

Company Continental Finance Company, LLC
Complaint ID 1647260
Date Received 11/09/2015
Product Credit card
Issue Bankruptcy
State/ZIP Code UT 841XX
Consumer Consent Consent provided
Company Public Response
Company Response To Customer Closed with explanation
Submitted Web 11/09/2015
Result Timely Response: No, Consumer Disputed: No

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