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I. C. Unlimited, Inc.
I.C. System, Inc.
I.Q. Data International, Inc.
i3 Lending, Inc
Icon Equities, LLC
ICQ Search and Recovery Inc.
ICUL Service Corporation
ID Analytics, Inc.
Idaho Housing and Finance Association
Ideal Collection Services, Inc.
Ideal Direct Solutions
Ideal Lending Solutions, Inc.
iFreedom Direct Corporation
Ignite Revenue, Inc.
Ikon Financial Group, LLC
Illinois Collection Service, Inc.
Illinois Lending Corporation
IMC Capital, LLC
Immediate Credit Recovery
Impac Mortgage Holdings, Inc.
Imperial Credit Systems, Inc.
Incomm Holdings, Inc.
Independent Recovery Resources, Inc.
Infinity Capital Group
Informative Research
Innovative Collections, LLC
Innovative Credit Solutions
Innovative Debt Recovery, Inc.
Innovative Debt Solutions
Innovative Mortgage Services, Inc.
Innovative Strategic Solutions LLC
Insight Capital LLC (NV)
Instant Cash Advance Corp
Integra Holdings Inc.
Integral Recoveries, Inc.
Integras Capital Recovery LLC
Integrated Asset Recovery LLC
Integrated Recovery Services
Integrity Asset Partners, Ltd.
Integrity First Lending LLC
Integrity Home Loan
Integrity Solution Services, Inc.
InterCambio Express, Inc.
InterFirst Mortgage Company
Interlinc Mortgage Services, LLC