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U.S. Auto Credit Corporation
U.S. Auto Sales, Inc.
U.S. Bancorp
U.S. Collections West, Inc.
U.S. Home Capital, LLC
UBS Bank
Udren Law Offices, P.C.
ULRS, Inc.
UMB Bank
Umpqua Holdings Corporation
Underwood James and Associates LLC
Underwood Law Firm, LLC
Unified Global Group
Unified Retrieval Solutions llc
Unifin Inc.
Unifirst Mortgage Corporation
Union Adjustment Company, Inc.
Union Bank
Union Credit Corporation
Union National Mortgage Co
Unique Management Services, Inc
United Acceptance, Inc
United Accounts, Inc.
United Built Homes, L.L.C.
United Check Recovery, LLC
United Collection Bureau
United Collection Bureau, Inc.
United Collection Service Inc
United Collection Service, Inc (FL)
United Compliance Services, LLC
United Consumer Finance, Inc.
United Consumers Inc
United Credit Service Inc
United Debt Holdings, LLC
United Financial Service
United Group Inc.
United Guaranty
United Military Mortgage, LLC
United Mortgage Corp.
United Mortgage Resolution, LLC
United Mortgage, LLC
United Pacific Mortgage
United PanAm Financial Corp.
United Portfolio Corp.
United Recovery Group, LLC (Closed)
United Recovery Solutions
United Recovery Systems, LP
United Recovery Worldwide LLC